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First wonder of the world, soon out of fashion, then forgotten, now rediscovered


Actually, they are just a few holes in a long strip of paper. In fact, the mainly artist's rolls are masterpieces of technical and pianistic art, given the possibilities in the early 1900s. After more than 100 years, these music rolls still inspire in the original. With well over 10,000 different titles, this treasure trove of rolls represents a 'world archive of pianistic art' - as Hupfeld called it in 1912. Our aim is to offer all surviving reproduction music rolls in the future, i.e. an estimated > 3,500 Welte titles, > 2,000 Hupfeld DEA / Tri-Phonola titles > 1,500 Philipps DUCA titles, and many more. We will also offer other selected artist rolls in other formats. Through systematic digitisation, we are also making an important contribution to research, especially interpretation research.

Today, these works of art are only known and accessible to a few experts - we want to change that. We orient ourselves as close to the original as reasonably possible. We produce with a high level of craftsmanship in Germany and source products as regionally and sustainably as possible. High quality is close to our hearts. Open and flexible cooperation with international experts and enthusiasts is in our blood.